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Condition Census

The Official Condition Census for U.S. Large Cents 1793-1839 by Bill Noyes, Del Bland and Dan Demeo $79.00 320 pages-8.5 inches x 11 inches.  No photos.    Provides the current Condition Census ranking and  condition for all large cent varieties 1793-1839.  Expanded to the top 25 pieces, with a listing of pedigree information.  Combined Noyes and Bland census. 

Half Cents

American Half Cents (Little Half Sisters) by Roger Cohen, Jr. $85.00 Hardbound--131 Pages--Photos.  2nd Edition, 1982     The Manley Half Cent Die State Book is out of print and will not be reprinted.  Prior to the Manley book, Roger Cohen's book was the standard reference for half cents but does not have die state in formation.  It will provide information for collectors to attribute half cents using pictures and narrative.    

Large Cents

Die Varieties of United States Large Cents, 1840-1857 By Bob Grellman
$135.00 Hardbound--450 Pages--Drawings and Photos.
2001 Edition
The standard reference for attributing large cents dated 1840-1857  and determining die states.

Price Guides

Penny Prices
By Bill Noyes - Second Edition - July 2005

$50     If purchased at a show

Gives values for all Half Cents and Large Cents by die variety, 1793-1857.  Provides current Rarity Ratings and up-to-date Condition Census.  Many values have increased substantially.

    $52     By Media Mail  

    $54     By Priority Mail  

Copper Quotes (CQR)
By Jack Robinson-20th
Edition    4-30-2011
  $50     By Priority Mail Gives values for Half Cents and Large Cents by die variety, 1793-1857.  Major changes in pricing with some pricing optimistic