1803 Large Cents

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Photo Year Variety Rarity Sharpness Grade Net Grade Price


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1803 S-243


2 30+ 25+ 2,350.00 Stemless. Small Date. Small Fraction. olive brown with smooth surfaces. Possibly re-colored long ago. Some minor marks. A

1803 S-244


4 30+ 25+ 4,000.00 Small Date, Small Fraction.  Brown with smooth surfaces.  Some minor marks.  Removed from an NGC holder graded VF30.  Tied for Condition Census #8.  Try and find a decent S-244.                A+

1803 S-245


3 40 35+ 4,700.00 Brown with smooth, glossy surfaces.  Some very minor circ. marks.   Very nice.  Condition Census #16. A+


1803 S-247


3 40 30+ 2,500.00 Small Date. Small Fraction. Brown with smooth, glossy surfaces. Old minor nick in front of chin. Some minor marks. Tied for Condition Census #18. A+


1803 S-249


2 35 30+ 4,000.00 1/100 over 1/000.  Small Date.  Small Fraction.  Olive brown with smooth, glossy surfaces.  Some minor marks.  Another popular Red Book variety.  Ex-Doug Bird;  Wes Rasmussen;  1996 EAC Sale,  Lot 167;  Jack Robinson;  Tom Reynolds;  Vic Mrozek.   A+


1803 S-252


2 55 50 11,000.00 Small Date, Small Fraction. Olive brown but probably re-colored long ago. Smooth, glossy surfaces. There is an old pin scratch from the lower neck to the rim at 4:00. Some minor circ. marks. There is a small "low spot", caused by grease on the die, behind the head. The forehead and eye are a bit softly struck which is typical for this variety.   Tied for Condition Census #4.  Removed from a PCGS holder graded AU53.   EDS. A


1803 S-256


3 40 35+ 5,250.00 Small Date. Small Fraction. Medium brown with choice surfaces. Two tiny marks on jaw. Condition Census #12. Very nice!!!! A+


1803 S-258


1 40+ 40 3,500.00 Small Date.  Small Fraction.  Brown with choice surfaces.  Some very minor marks.  M-LDS, with the obverse crack forming from the rim at 9:00 to the 1 in the date.  In a PCGS holder graded XF45.         A+  


1803 S-259


4 30 25 5,250.00 Small Date. Large Fraction. Brown with smooth surfaces. There is a tiny obverse rim bruise at 3:30. There is a tiny mark on the upper throat. Condition Census #11. A very underrated variety!!! A+

1803 S-263


3 25+ 20 1,200.00 Small Date and Fraction.  Medium reddish-brown with smooth surfaces.  There is a obverse rim nick at 10:30.  There are scattered marks and hairlines.  There is a small reverse rim bruise at 5:00.  Good eye appeal but the marks show under a glass.  LDS, with a die crack diagonally across the point of the bust and a large rim cud under the date.  Still a tough variety.    A


1803 S-263


3 35 25+ 3,750.00 Small Date. Small Fraction. Olive brown with smooth surfaces. Some minor marks. There is an old mark at the base of L. Tied for Condition Census #17. A

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